Board of Directors

2016 - 2017 Board Members

Matt Walsh President & Rentals Manager
Jen Farmer Vice President
Paul Komaranski Treasurer
Megan Redwood Secretary
Colleen Daley Artistic Director
Carolyn Galvin Executive Producer
Wes Campaigne Membership Director
Elizabeth McFaul Communications Director
Stacey Ingham Box Office Manager
Joshua Brach Technical Manager 
Colleen Colbeck Member at-large
Stefan Verveniotis Member at-large
Heather MacDonald Past President


Non-Board Officers

Brian Fox Building Manager 
Chris Robinson Webmaster 
Grant Cleary Publicity Officer
Michael L. Davenport Properties Manager
Caroline MacLachlan-Darling Costumes Manager
Fred Brandenburg WODL Officer
Karen Oddson Workshop Coordinator
Adrienne Dandy Play Readings Coordinator

Board Meeting Dates

The next meeting of the Board is September 25th, 2017.  If you are interested in attending a future board meeting or would like to see what's on the agenda, please email .