Off Book: A Look At Jesse Shell's "Art of Game Design"

Today I want to look at Jesse Shell’s book The Art of Game Design. Games are my second passion outside the theatre, and the shared capacity for audience engagement has lead me to find some very interesting skills that can be transported to the stage.

Shell’s book uses a series of perspectives he calls lenses to analyze his work. Today, I want to share with you three of them, and consider how they can be applied to theatre.

KWLT salutes the cast and crew of Poona the Fuckdog and Other Plays for Children

KWLT is incredibly proud of the cast and crew of Poona for a hugely successful run. We entered Poona for Out of Festival adjudication, which means that the travelling adjudicator saw and assessed the show, but we did not submit this year's show for consideration to enter the Festival in March.

Now, in the wake of the Western Ontario Drama League general meeting, we want to congratulate them for such a fantastic showing at the awards presentation.  

The Travelling Adjudicator, Sandy Macdonald, made the following awards:


Spotlight: Robertson Davies comes to Kitchener

One major supporter of the Little Theatre movement in Canada in the early days was Robertson Davies.  His first novel (1951’s Tempest-Tost) takes a community theatre product of The Tempest as its background, affectionately satirizing some of the personalities and preoccupations of the amateur stage.  We know of two occasions when Davies visited KWLT, both in the 1940s: once at the beginning and once at the end.


The Value of Theatre: The Big Why?

A special blog post from our KWLT community! Over the next few months, we will hear from various community members on a wide range of theatre-related topics. KWLT looks forward to providing this forum for theatre patrons, volunteers and fans to tell us about their experiences, love of community theatre, and perhaps some useful advice for those aspiring to get more involved.

Sean is a twenty two year old student, musician and aspiring game designer. Sean has been involved in community theatre in both Brantford and KW for the past eight years, volunteering mostly as an actor, with some experience in directing, stage managing, and technical direction. Sean specializes in musical theatre, and has been a member of KWLT since 2014.