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It's 1965 and a group of eight university students are on the verge of graduation. Filled with sex and studies, knowledge and misinformation and the inescapable Vietnam War, Michael Weller's Moonchildren takes a different perspective on those growing up in the sixties. Some quiver with the fear of what-will-be, others embrace the totality of change, and a few detach themselves so far from their present world that the everyday scene becomes a charade filled with empty milk bottles, a pregnant cat, professors' forlorn wives and the declaration that "God is Cool." It is a spectacular work which is extraordinarily subtle and perceptive, as it not only represents the generation's clash between idealism and reality, but also the social power of a deeply rooted war. Its clever dialogue, tough language and fresh ideas have made Moonchildren a rarity, which, while rooted in the 1960s, remains fundamental, as its underlying themes are universal and unchanging.


JANUARY 18-20, 25-27, 2007 8PM

All shows performed at: St. Jacobs Church Theatre 1376 King St. N., St. Jacobs ON

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead



Stoppard's first and perhaps most famous full-length play presents a worm's-eye view of Shakespeare's Hamlet, as filtered through the existential sensibilities of Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot. Rosencrantz & Guildenstern inhabit a world completely beyond their comprehension. Unsure of where they are going (and even of who they are and where they come from), they depend upon others to give their lives meaning. While awaiting instructions, they fall back upon games -- word play and simple wagers -- that rarely achieve their intended goals. In the end, they resign themselves to their fate, although Guildenstern says, "There must have been a moment, at the beginning, when we could have said -- no. But somehow we missed it." Perhaps.

Performances: MARCH 22-24, 29-31, 2007 8PM

All shows performed at: St. Jacobs Church Theatre 1376 King St. N., St. Jacobs ON

Golden Age of Radio



Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? KWLT knows!

There’s nothing like it in Waterloo Region! Join KWLT as we travel back to the golden age of radio in a series of staged readings of the best suspense, mystery and comedy of that era. Each night will feature a new show

On Thursday, we’ll follow the clues that lead us to a murderer most foul with “The Thin Man”. Nick Charles, a retired private detective, and his rich playful wife Nora, unravel a murder case that is brought to their doorstep. This 1934 Who-dunnit caused the eventual creation of a six movie series staring William Powell and Myrna Loy.

Friday will take an even darker turn as we hear three tales of classic radio fiction from the masters of horror and Science-fiction-terror; “The Inner Sanctum” gives us a tale of a pianist driven mad by a supernatural creature, “Lights Out” presents a chilling narrative of death foretold and ignored, and “X minus 1” offers us a Ray Bradbury vision of what awaits us on the planet Mars in that futuristic year of 1987.

The family-friendly Saturday afternoon matinee will entertain young and old alike as we follow the “Adventures of Superman”. We’ve been able to capture 11 episodes of this weekly radio series, and will present them as a single story. Superman’s special guests are Batman, and Robin!

Saturday night, we’ll wrap things up with a smile and a laugh. Gracie, from the “Burns and Allen Radio Program”, lands George in jail beside Sam Spade. Finally, a reading of the 1940 classic “Philadelphia Story”, originally made famous by Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant, and Katherine Hepburn.


April 26-28 at 8pm, Saturday matinée at 2pm.

St Jacobs Church Theatre, 1376 King St. N., St. Jacobs ON

Don Juan in Chicago



Don Juan, a handsome, rich, sexually naïve nobleman in sixteenth-century Spain is afraid he won't have time to find the meaning of life, so he calls up the Devil and cuts a deal that grants him immortality—as long as Don Juan seduces a different woman every day. Unfortunately, the first woman he seduces is Dona Elvira, his true love who, infuriated by the Don's abandonment, cuts her own deal with the Devil: she won't die until she sleeps with Don Juan a second time. Four hundred years later, exhausted by endless sex and still pursued by Elvira, Don Juan grapples with the sexual mores of contemporary urban America.

Performances: JUNE 21-23, 28-30, 2007 8PM

All shows performed at: St. Jacobs Church Theatre 1376 King St. N., St. Jacobs ON

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Ode To Humanity

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