Auditions: March Madness 2015

What is March Madness? It is a weeklong theatre challenge that allows small teams of thespians to perform the same script on the same set while trying to make it their own! This is your opportunity to dive in and help shape one of the craziest and fantastic events of the KWLT season!

See the main event for more details!

Performances: March 14, 2015.

March Madness: How it works

  • Friday, March 6, evening: Kickoff meeting at KWLT.  Each production team should have at least one member present to receive the script and the set design.  They'll also meet the event staff and get a tour of the theatre.
  • Saturday, March 7th, late morning: Auditions at KWLT.
  • Sunday, March 8 to Thursday, March 12: Rehearsals.  Production teams are responsible for finding their own rehearsal spaces.
  • Friday, March 13, evening: Tech rehearsals at KWLT.  This is the first chance to see the constructed set.  Teams will work with the event Technical Director to set up any lighting and sound cues they require.
  • Saturday, March 14, morning: Dress rehearsals at KWLT.  A run-through of the entire performance, stopping briefly to work out technical glitches as necessary.
  • Saturday, March 14, evening: Showtime!  Adjudication and awards follow.



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Saturday, March 7, 2015 - 12:00 to 16:00