Ophelia: A Brief Examination of Emotions

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Our third piece in the July One Acts is Ophelia, written by local playwright Scarlett Fountain, who is also stage managing the production. Ophelia is also being presented as part of Outfest 2017 by Page1 Productions. We are very interested to see how the two interpretations differ, especially as they are being performed only months apart!

We asked director Adam Cook to provide us some thoughts on this production: 

Adjudication Night

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On Saturday, January 28th the Lion in the Streets cast and crew had the honour of having a noted playwright and dramatist come see the show and then tell them what she thought of it... at some length.  Welcome to adjudication night.

March Madness: Direction Do's and Don'ts

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March Madness 2016 is coming up soon, and the directors from last year's event have come together to tell you and any potential directors the best advice they have for handling this crazy one week theatre event.

I interviewed Stefan Verveniotis, Evan Jones, and Michael Davenport, and included my own comments, asking them "What do you think your most important lesson or most helpful tip for next season's directors is?" The following are our responses.

Off Book: A Look At Jesse Shell's "Art of Game Design"

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Today I want to look at Jesse Shell’s book The Art of Game Design. Games are my second passion outside the theatre, and the shared capacity for audience engagement has lead me to find some very interesting skills that can be transported to the stage.

Shell’s book uses a series of perspectives he calls lenses to analyze his work. Today, I want to share with you three of them, and consider how they can be applied to theatre.