Actors’ Perspective: Brother In Arms

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By Sarah Brnjas

The cast for Brothers In Arms may be a bit smaller than the other July One Act plays, but their experience with their play has been just as fun as the other casts have had with their own acts. A cast of four, they really must trust in each other and bond closely to make the act successful. In preparation to make their presentation of Brother in Arms as historically accurate as possible, they have done a lot of research into World War One and the 1920s. There has been research into the meaning behind certain lines that have lost meaning through time, but would have been relevant and current during the period this play takes place in.

Leonard Zgrable’s challenge with his character Major J. Altrus Browne and learning his lines is that they begin in the same or similar way, yet have different form from another. He enjoys the character though, saying it’s the type of role he’s been wanting to do. That it gives him the “realism of drama while still having the comedy. It’s all realism. I don’t have to play anything big.” 

It’s been awhile since his co-actor Jess Penner (Dorothea) has acted, but she acted all through high school and was part of KWLT’s One Acts two years ago. It’s a new experience for Jess to act in something comedic, and finds it a challenge to learn when the audience will laugh and react and learning to adjust while performing. She finds it fun to be out acting again, giving her a reprieve from focusing only on work.

Shawn Vincent’s challenge with his character is working on a Canadian back of the woods accent. He has been slipping into a rural Southern U.S accent, but is aiming to have a Canadian focus with his accent for the performances. He’s been enjoying his time with the July One Acts and plans on getting involved with and audition for more of KWLT’s plays in the future. He’s been enjoying being a part of the plays as it gives him time with adults and gives him something to be productive with when he’s not in classes at KCI.

Come out to see Brothers In Arms in action during the July One Acts.

Brothers in Arms