Actor's Perspective: Ophelia

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By Sarah Brnjas

The actors in Ophelia seemed to all agree: though challenging and emotionally intense at times, being a part of the one act play has been a fun experience. Kez Vicario-Robinson, who plays Ophelia, explains that it’s all about building the trust between the actors prior to blocking anything out. With a play that includes themes of sexual assault and suicide, the cast sets themselves up for a safe and successful rehearsal atmosphere by having a time of meditation prior to blocking or working on any of the scenes. They also talk about the emotions and motives behind some of the characters, allowing themselves to understand their own characters more deeply, but also, they have found analyzing each other’s characters make them seem more like human beings with their own problems.

There are a few first timers to the KWLT stage. Shawn Vincent (Benjamin) has acted at his school KCI, but this is first time acting outside a school setting. He views this as a first step into the real world. We also have some cast members completely new to acting. Lorri Baier (Irving) actually stopped into the auditions out of curiousity, and was encouraged to audition on the spot. This will be Michael L Fox’s (Joshua) first time on a stage. He’s been using the opportunity to learn a lot, and take in advice from the more veteran actors in the cast.

A unique challenge for the actors is that the stage manager, Scarlet Fountain, is also the author of the play. It made some of them initially a little intimidated that the mind that formed their characters would be watching them, Fountain’s helpful and encouraging nature allowed them to quickly relax into the rehearsal environment. They also discovered the usefulness in having the author be at every rehearsal, as Fountain provides insight into the motivations the characters may have.

Ophelia’s cast is excited and looking forward to audience feedback because, as Katherine Schill (Karen) puts it, they haven’t seen the show a million and one times. Michael L Fox (Joshua), advises the audience they may want to see the show more than once for it’s a very deep play and only seeing it once may make you miss things; the show is very multi-layered.

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