Ophelia: A Brief Examination of Emotions

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Our third piece in the July One Acts is Ophelia, written by local playwright Scarlett Fountain, who is also stage managing the production. Ophelia is also being presented as part of Outfest 2017 by Page1 Productions. We are very interested to see how the two interpretations differ, especially as they are being performed only months apart!

We asked director Adam Cook to provide us some thoughts on this production: 

Through the play Ophelia, there is established a natural closeness and compassion, the audience feels for the characters, so when they go through emotional hardships of destination, the audience feels that with the characters, concluding in a tender, heartfelt happy conclusion.

There are a lot of moments within this play that the audience will be able to relate to their own emotions they lived through in their own experiences of life. Within this play there is an examination of identity, what it means to be oneself, but more importantly, how one can be their own person within the society that they live in. How discovering your own identity can be a journey, and often it is how you relate to others and their own stories that you are able to find the truth of who you are. These relations can be joyous moments of connection, or they can be moments of pain and distress

This play looks at common threads that many of us must deal with in our lives. Secrets, painful misunderstandings and mistrust, people unwilling to listen to what needs to be said. People who harm others for selfish desire. However, it also looks at the joy and peace that can come in pockets between the difficult moments. This play examines vulnerability, and the importance of being open despite the fear, to be able to become close with those around you. And how looking back at past experiences can aid in making decisions walking forward within your journey. 

See Ophelia and the other two productions in the July One Acts from July 13-22. Tickets and play descriptions available here.