Christmas Stars Campaign

Christmas Tree Stock Photo

Obviously the Christmas Stars Campaign is over but stay tuned, we may likely do it again for 2015!

This holiday season, please consider being a KWLT Christmas Star. Buy a personalized Christmas ornament: a metal star hand-stamped with your name (or someone else's name). Place the star on the tree in KWLT’s lobby, where it’ll be on display during the run of our holiday show (Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus). After the show has closed, come to our holiday party on December 20th and take your star home.

The funds raised by this campaign will pay for a much-needed new roof in the back of our building, where the old pre-fire building and roof stand.

A donation of $50 gets you a star; donate by November 24th to hang your star on our tree at the holiday show’s opening night reception at KWLT on Thursday November 27th. If you'll be coming to see the show, let us know which night and make your donation the week prior. We'll have your star waiting for you at the box office to put up in the lobby. A donation of any amount gets us closer to our goal of $2000 to put toward the roof.

Give back to KWLT this holiday season!

Use the "message to the charity" box below to tell us whose name you'd like on your ornament; we'll send you a confirmation message. You will receive a tax receipt for your donation.

About the Artist

The stars will be hand-stamped by local artist Jessica Murphy, owner of the Etsy shop Rawkette Custom Jewellery. Jessica says:

Kitchener born and raised.  I am a stay at home mom of two boys. I started Rawkette when my oldest son was 6 months to allow me to stay home and be creative in a business doing something I loved. Making personal items is really where the passion lies, I enjoy the inside jokes and special meanings behind each piece. 

About the Stars

The stars are a lovely brushed metal finish, hung with a grosgrain ribbon. Here's a picture of the star of one of our Christmas Stars, Yes Virginia's director Adrienne Steer.