KWLT Roundtable: Thinking Outside the Box

This month, we talk about our space!

Our black box space lends itself perfectly to unconventional stagings of shows. Join us to discuss thinking outside of the box and what that means for text, staging, and technical needs. We'll be discussing the creative use of the physical space, transporting things to a different time period or geographical location, cross casting or alternative casting, the challenges involved in staging big shows in our little space. What do you do when a director says "I want to stage this in the round...but backwards" or when you pick up a script that screams out to be staged in a modern context?

Our experts for the night are Karen Grierson and David Atos.

Karen Grierson has been a patron of KWLT since the early 90s, an assistant director under Anita Kilgour in 2006, and directing on her own for KWLT and 10BareToes since 2007. She's a big proponent of skills development and relationship explorations in and out of the theatre, recently retiring as a writer from High Tech and going full-time as a registered psychotherapist. Karen enjoys both cats and coffee, but only recommends swallowing one of them.

David has been volunteering with KWLT since 2008. In that time, he has done the legwork to convert many Directors' dreams into reality as Technical Director. He is well-versed in the benefits and pitfalls of unconventional sets and staging in the KWLT space.

The Round Tables are an opportunity for people who love theatre to get together and talk about theatre! Each round table will have a topic and a content expert and together we'll explore that topic and what it means. Come ready with questions, come ready with experiences and thoughts, but most of all, come ready to talk theatre!



Event Date(s): 

Sunday, May 7, 2017 - 18:30