March Madness 2016

Last year March Madness was standing room only, and for good reason. This year, you'll want to make sure you get the chance to see it by entering a team in this week long theatrical competition. Performing the same script, multiple teams present their unique vision for the adjudicator and audiences' judgement. It's a night of theatrical mayhem, with one play seen through some very different artistic lenses. 

Set time aside on your calendar from March 4 through March 12 to participate and/or watch.

Content warning: Some plays incorporate disturbing themes, including abuse, drugs, sex, and death.

This Year's Teams

Alley Cat's

Director: Stefan Verveniotis
Stage manager: Katherine Schill
Props&costumes: Heather MacDonald
Fight Coreography: Nicolas Oddson

Kim Shea
Greg Allen
Josh Brach
Michael L.Davenport

P. B. S. (Psychedelic Booty Shorts)

Director: Evan Jones‎
Stage Manager: Diana Lobb‎

Kit Kreider‎
Emily Crawford‎
Ryan Consell
Stephanie Remington‎

Jumping Tomatoes

Director:  Jason Tarka
Stage Manager: Jen Farmer

Dani Lowry
David McNorgan
Lisa Massaro
Jessica Carswell
Karl Zaryski

Rachel and the Pussycats

Director: Rachel Conway
Stage Manager: Nyssa Tilford
Props: Melinda Mah

Leah Blechschmidt
Joseph Chan
Ryan Dunham
Minhung  Ling

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Event Date(s): 

Saturday, March 12, 2016 - 19:30