Finding Your Conduit - Acting Workshop (The Genesius Project)

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Finding Your Conduit

Acting Workshop

Led by Anne-Marie Donovan and Alan K. Sapp

This workshop comes out of the ground-breaking research and exploratory work of Professor Leslie O’Dell, as recorded in her book The Charismatic Chameleon.   A conduit can be described as the best means for you to access your creative and natural gifts, as an actor.   Have you ever had a director work with you and you just clicked?  And then, you work with a director, and nothing s/he says seems to make any sense? This workshop will help you answer the question of why this happens, and give you tools to access your own creative stream, no matter who you have as a director.  This workshop is also good for directors to learn different ways to communicate with actors that are beneficial to the production.

Where:  Guelph Little Theatre (176 Morris Street)

When: Saturday, April 18 10am – 5pm (1 hour lunch break)

Cost: $100 per person (2 people sign up together, cost only $50 each!)

How to Register:  Contact Alan K. Sapp at

This workshop is part of The Genesius Project…visit Lost & Found Theatre’s website to learn more about upcoming productions:

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