Silent Auction Bid Update #1

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Bidding so far has been slow but steady, with Innocente’s growler and beer commanding the highest number of bids so far.

As of the end of Sunday, here are the current high bids:

Lot Bid Description
C $100 Design consultation with Lenore Brooks Design
D $160 Cooking classes at Relish
F $51 Music lessons at Folkway
J $50 Tea set and herbs
M $45 Facial at Gem Spa
N $40 Gift basket from Vincenzo’s
S $10 Hand-knit socks to order
T $20 Movie passes and candy
U $20 Movie passes and candy
V $40 Growler & fill from Innocente

With the auction running until May 2nd, you’ve still got plenty of time to get your bids in.  Keep in mind that you can bid online as well, so if you’ve been outbid already you’ve still got a chance.  We’ll be updating the current totals again on Thursday the 23rd before this week’s shows start.