Auditions for the July One Act Plays are coming!

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Starting Monday, May 11th at Kitchener-Waterloo Little Theatre we have auditions for the July One Act Plays! Auditions run from 7 PM to 10 PM, Monday through Wednesday.

There are four plays to auditon for so be sure to check the audition event or the rest of this article for all the details.

Missed Connection

Written by Will Hightower  
Directed by Heather MacDonald

Watch as two young strangers make eye contact while waiting for a train. Can the reality of their meeting possibly compare with their imaginations?

Character Requirements:
1 female (early 20s)

1 male (early 20s)


Through the Mirror

Written by Roberto F. Ciccotelli        
Directed by: Colleen Colbeck

Enter Wonderland re-imagined as the drug-induced hallucination of Aly, a teenaged girl at a concert. In this strange place, are Aly’s series of confusing encounters with the characters from Alice in Wonderland, or just with concert-goers and venue staff?

Character Requirements:
2 Female (1 any age, 1 young)
2 male
4 either


Quarter Life Calamity

Written by Kyle Villeneuve, Ryan Brownlee, Nick Aiello, Kyle Waterman, Roy Gokay            
Directed by: Jason Tarka

Follow a bunch of goofy 20-somethings celebrating their friend's upcoming nuptials. While only one is getting married, how will they all face the greatest challenge they know: the rest of their life?

Character Requirements:

3 male (play 20s-30s)

2 either


The Stepmother

Written by Arnold Bennett      
Directed by: Michael L. Davenport

Consider novelist Cora Prout. She can't tell whether her Doctor friend loves her or is trying to destroy her career. Her stepson has returned to her apartment, after being banished for "romantic indiscretions". And why is the novel her secretary is working titled "Hysteria in Lady Novelists"?

Character Requirements

2 female (20-30)

2 male (20-40)