Introducing the KWLT Board of Directors for our 80th season

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Board of Directors for 2015-2016

Stacey Saunders President
Matt Walsh Vice President & Rentals Manager
Elizabeth McFaul Secretary
Lisa Hagen Treasurer
Colleen Matthews Artistic Director
Carolyn Galvin Executive Producer
Wes Campaigne Membership Director
Karl Zaryski Box Office Manager
Adrienne Dandy Communications Director
Heather MacDonald Director-at-Large
Chris Robinson Director-at-Large
Jackie Robinson Director-at-Large

In addition to the board itself, the following members have also been elected to officer roles:

Elizabeth McFaul Social Media Officer
Heather MacDonald Librarian & Social Officer
Chris Robinson Webmaster & Privacy Officer
Jackie Robinson Props Manager
Grant Cleary Publicity Officer
Josh Brach Technical Manager
Adrienne Steer Bookkeeper
Carrie McNabb Bookkeeper

There are still some roles to be filled so keep your eyes out for for notices!

Thank you to all of our directors and officers and we look forward to a great season!