Announcing the Studio Series, 80th season edition‏

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You've probably seen the announcement of our mainstage productions for our 80th season - the first play, Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, opens in a little over a month. If you haven't seen the season trailer, check it out on our Youtube channel.

However, KWLT isn't just about mainstage productions. Over the coming year, we have a whole bunch of exciting opportunities for you to be involved. Through the year, we'll be running numerous outlets for your creativity (or viewing pleasure) under the Studio Series umbrella. 

Conceived by our Artistic Director, the Studio Series is a place for our members to think outside the box, inside our black box! From play readings to improv to theatre sports, the Studio Series has it all. This year, the Studio Series will feature:

The 80th Season Staged Readings: Throwback Edition

KWLT was born in 1935. The first season contained three shows: first came a double header of J.M. Barrie plays, The Twelve-Pound Look and Shall We Join the Ladies in November 1935. Shaw’s The Devil’s Disciple, in March of 1936, was our first ever brush with the world of drama festivals, with the adjudicator for the Dominion Drama Festival complimenting the production. The first season closed out with W. Somerset Maugham’s The Circle in May 1936. 

So why the talk about our first year? Because this year, our staged readings will feature the plays of our very first season, on the following dates: 

October 10 - JM Barrie's The Twelve-Pound Look
February 13 - George Bernard Shaw's The Devil's Disciple
May 21 - W Somerset Maugham's The Circle

Directed by Adrienne Dandy, the staged readings are a low-pressure way to feed your theatre addiction. We'll be looking for both actors and an audience (not to mention some stage managers), so stay tuned!

KWLT Presents 30 Seconds to Improv

KWLT is incredibly happy to welcome back local improv group 30 Seconds to Improv for not one, but two shows this year. The group comprises many familiar and experienced faces from the local improve community and put on a highly regarded show last February. 

November 6 - watch 30StI pair up with the original improvisers: a live jazz band
February 12 - bring your wildest writing for Write Before Valentine's Day II

March Madness: Even Madder!

Last year March Madness was standing room only, and for good reason. This year, you'll want to make sure you get the chance to see it by entering a team in this week long theatrical competition. Performing the same script, multiple teams present their unique vision for the adjudicator and audiences' judgement. It's a night of theatrical mayhem, with one play seen through some very different artistic lenses. 

Set time aside on your calendar from March 4 through March 12 to participate and/or watch. 

That's what we have available to announce now, but remember, the Studio Series still has room for your vision. It's not limited to what we already have planned! Email with your ideas and we’ll try to make it happen!