An exciting change coming up at KWLT‏

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At KWLT, we strive to be an inclusive, open community. It's important to us to welcome every member of the community who wants to make, or watch, theatre. In this spirit, the Board of Directors has approved and is moving ahead with a plan to de-gender the washrooms at the theatre.

You may have noticed, or heard about, the privacy baffles that were installed on the stalls in the two-stall washroom. Starting in April, you'll see more signs of the change, with signs going up to inform and remind patrons of the coming change. Effective mid May (just before Hair opens), new signs will go up and we'll no longer have a "Women's Washroom" and a "Men's Washroom"; as of that date, we'll have gender neutral washrooms, one of which is multi-person and the other which is individual.

Of course, we know that some people, throughout the gender spectrum (and beyond), will feel more comfortable with a more private washroom experience. The smaller, individual, washroom will be open to anyone who prefers it.

We hope that  this change will lead to a more open and inclusive space.  If you have comments, concerns, or questions, we're very open to hearing them. You can email, snag one of us in person or online, or come to a board meeting.

Thank you!