Hunting Cockroaches: Cast and Crew

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Are you excited about next month's production of Hunting Cockroaches yet?  Because you should be!  We've got a fantastic cast who are working in the space in some unconventional ways; we've got a very funny script in an absurdist vein; and we've got more tiny statues of Liberty than have ever before been seen in our theatre.  What's not to love?

First of all, the cast list:

Angela Clayfield as Anka
Jim Hill as Janek
Nike Abbott as Announcer, Bum, and others
Alisha Cormier as Mrs. Thompson, Censor, and others
Andre Furlong as Czesio, Mr. Thompson, and others
Matthew Wiebe as Immigration Officer, Rysio, and others

We're be posting brief profiles of the cast members (with lovely photos by the aforementioned Ange) on our tumblr, so check there for more about them and their characters.  After that, we'll do the same thing for our production team:

Martin Glassford, Director
Stacey Ingham, Stage Manager
Chris Robinson, ASM / Assistant Producer
Joscelyn Alexander, Costumes
Jen Farmer, Props
Ryan Dunham, Sound Design
Melinda Mah, Front-of-House Manager
Matt Walsh, Producer

Keep watching this space for more information about the production, including some behind-the-scenes looks at how it's come together.