Hunting Cockroaches opening this week!

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KWLT is very excited to present Hunting Cockroaches, opening Thursday night. An actor once described Hunting Cockroaches as "a kitchen sink drama but the kitchen sink is a banana". That says it all.

Janusz Glowacki, the author of this bittersweet dark comedy, is a Polish émigré living in New York who took his own first years of hard luck on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and wrote a play about them. Cockroaches, insomnia, the fall of communism in Poland and how to crack the American Dream obsess Glowacki’s artistic couple as they struggle in a democracy that can be harder to navigate than standing in the seemingly endless food and supply lines of communist Poland.

Hunting Cockroaches shows us two people living in two worlds and two languages, with all the fears, absurdities, and anxieties that come with it. The fears are very real in both worlds: in one, the police and going to prison; in the other, the apartment superintendent and the difficulties of getting a green card. Both worlds are just as absurd and just as impossible to make sense of.   You might as well just have a banana instead!

Join us this Thursday; while we may not have literal bananas, we will have our traditional opening night snacks and prizes. Also, we will screen an exclusive first look at our 2016/2017 season trailer! Find out before everyone else about the shows and directors of next season.

Go now to and buy your ticket for opening night. If you can't make opening night, buy your ticket for another night. Remember, tickets at the door are $5 more, whether you're a member or not.

Finally, a quick reminder that Hunting Cockroaches will be the last mainstage show at KWLT with gendered washrooms. You'll see signs about the change up during the run and afterwards. In mid-May, we will be switching to one single-person and one multi-person washroom, both of which are open to everyone.

See you at the theatre!