KWLT September Board Meeting Highlights

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Hello Everyone!

The KWLT Board of Directors met on September 26 - here are some of the highlights:

Production Activities

  • Lucky Stiff has opened and ticket sales are going strong.
  • Scrooge Macbeth has been cast and has started the rehearsal process.
  • The production team for Lion in the Streets (our Western Ontario Drama League festival entrant this year) has met and we’re really excited about the fabulous design talent we have on board for that production.

Other Initiatives

  • We are looking at alternative Halloween programming.
  • The cast of Lucky Stiff will receive a revised version of our actor feedback form. Our hope with this form is to collect more information on how the productions went from an actor perspective and what we can do to improve.  


  • We approved the dates for our 2017-2018 season!
  • We approved a new ticket price framework.
  • We revised our alcohol policy in light of our new permanent license.
  • We are moving forward with leasing a second space for rehearsals!

Bylaw Amendments
Our August Board meeting included the following by-law change:

Added to Section 17 (Amendment of By-Law)
“The Board of Directors shall notify the membership of a repeal or amendment of the by-laws within one week of the approval of the minutes containing the repeal or amendment. Notification must occur through the Corporate website and electronic mail to the Membership roll”

Essentially, as we make by-law amendments at the Board, you’ll receive notice of these changes. By-law amendments made by the board take effect immediately and run until they are approved by the membership at the AGM. If you have any questions or concerns about the change, please email or

Next Meeting
Board meets next on October 17. If there’s anything you’d like the board to discuss, please talk to a board member.

If you have any questions about the September meeting, or if you’d like to attend the next one, please email

One Last Thing
If you haven't been to see Lucky Stiff yet, book your ticket now - you won't want to miss this show!

See you at the theatre!