KWLT Stage Combat Workshop

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Join us on Sunday, March 19 for a stage combat workshop hosted by Nick Oddson. This full-day workshop will teach you about fight choreography, making choices, and finding the real moments of a fight.
Stage Combat Workshop
  • Sunday March 19th, 2017 10:00am-4:00pm (with a break for lunch)
  • Kitchener Waterloo Little Theatre, 9 Princess St. East Waterloo
  • Presented by Nick Oddson, a Certified Fight Instructor with Fight Directors Canada
  • Cost $10.00 (pay exact change at the workshop)
  • You must register by e-mailing Space is Limited.

Nick Oddson helps performers and directors find the intentions behind a play’s violence often written so casually as “they fight”.  This helps actors to feel comfortable within their physical capabilities and that allows them to better integrate the action into their character’s performance.  It helps the elements of action support the play’s story, furthering character relationships and connecting with the director’s vision as opposed to awkwardly standing apart from it.  Lastly, this approach keeps the intention of the action while remaining safe, maintaining an eye on elements of risk that could make particular choices more dangerous for those on stage and in the audience.

The goal of this workshop is not only to learn choreography but to look at the story surrounding the action, what builds to the moment of escalation, the choices that could be made in that moment when violence spills out of the emotional states of characters and what happens when consequences of that action are realized.  The intention is to find real moments within a fight, how to convey the action to the audience clearly, and discover what ultimately fits and supports the narrative.  Please come in workout clothes with a change of footwear for “indoor use”.

Nick has been learning stage combat, movement and acting the action for two decades and has trained with many of the most respected experts in the professional field around the world.  He’s assisted teams with fight direction, choreography, and safety in over 75 productions all over Southwestern Ontario.