May Staged Reading: O'Flaherty V.C., A Recruiting Pamphlet

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Our next staged reading is happening on Saturday, May 13 at 8PM. It's a pay-what-you-can performance with proceeds going to KWLT, and we have a Q&A session after!

This year our staged readings will feature the homefront during the first World War; up next is George Bernard Shaw’s O'Flaherty V.C., A Recruiting Pamphlet.

The Process
Our cast will do a readthru and some tablework on Sunday, April 30 at the theatre. Then over two weeks, they will go over the script, do research, and practice on their own. After a full day of rehearsals on Saturday, May 13, they will perform for you that night.

The Cast

  • Tanya Feick -- Dennis O'Flaherty, Irish soldier  
  • Lauren Ward -- Teresa Driscoll, his girlfriend
  • Kate Urquhart -- Mrs O'Flaherty, his mother
  • Susan Williams -- General Sir Pearce Madigan, his commanding officer

About The Play

Dennis O'Flaherty, winner of the Victoria Cross for his outstanding bravery, has returned home to his local village to take part in a recruitment campaign. The twist? His mother doesn’t know he’s been in the British Army.    

Come out and watch the show on the 13th! It's pay-what-you-can with proceeds going to KWLT, and we have a Q&A session after!