Introducing Elle!

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Meet KWLT's own Elle Woods! Jessica Carswell was most recently seen as various characters in Lion in the Streets, Jeanie in Hair, and Honey in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Legally Blonde - Elle Woods

What was your first thought when you found out you had been cast?

"When I found out I was cast as Elle, I was definitely in denial for a few days! My first lead! I kept thinking I would get a call saying they'd changed their minds. I was stunned, nervous, and mostly over the moon!!!"

What is your favourite thing about Elle? 

"My favourite thing about Elle is that she is always so sure of herself. She always believes that was she is doing is the best thing for her, and she looks for the good in everyone. Plus she is bright, fun, and always looks fabulous!!!"

What do you think makes this show so appealing?

"There are so many things that make this show appealing! It's a very talented cast putting on a super fun show that has everything; catchy music, an uplifting story, fun characters, love, and lots of laughs!!!"

All headshots and show photography for Legally Blonde were done by the amazing Angela Clayfield.