KWLT Presents the July One Acts

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Onstage now is Kitchener Waterloo Little Theatre's July One Acts! Three great shows, one evening, one amazing price. Each night, the show starts at 8PM and you'll see all three of these fantastic short plays. There's something for everyone!

Written by Merrill Denison
Directed by Matthew Walsh

Brothers in Arms satirizes the romantic notion of the Great Outdoors. Set in 1919 in a hunting cabin in rural Ontario, the play centres around an officer-turned-businessman and his young wife; while he is impatient to return to Toronto, she is caught up in her dream of the Canadian backwoods. The local hunter waiting with them is a disappointment to the expectations of both.

Written by Christopher Durang
Directed by Scott Denniston

Having casually wandered onstage, George is informed that one of the actors, Eddie, has been in an auto accident and he must replace him immediately. The Actor’s Nightmare is a spoof of that nightmare every actor experiences at one point in time, being on stage in their underwear, not knowing their lines, or not knowing their blocking. And like most nightmares, it usually ends with your death. 

Written by Scarlet Fountain
Directed by Adam Cook

This play is two stories, set in 1914 and 1984. Margaret and Ophelia both struggle with their own identity. As Margaret learns of Ophelia's past, she learns to accept herself for who she is. Throughout the play we will see both side by side, and back in and forth, in a beautiful flowing of soft transitions.

Tickets for the July One Acts are available online, or through email/phone with our Box Office. Hope to see you at the theatre!