Call for Directors & Plays for Next Season, and the Theatre Networking Event!

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KWLT is now looking for proposals for full length plays for the 2018-2019 season!  Fill out the proposal form (attached) with as much information as you can and email it to Colleen Daley KWLT Artistic Director, at
**Please note that it is your responsibility to supply a copy of your proposed script, if you do not have it in PDF please make arrangements to get one to the Artistic Director.**
Proposals will be accepted until Monday December 11th.
Anyone interested in directing or being behind-the-scenes is requested to attend our networking event, happening on November 26th at KWLT. This event is a great chance to share your vision, learn about the play process at KWLT, and meet potential recruits for techincal roles. 
The event runs 2PM-5PM on November 26 at the theatre. We strongly recommend it for anyone interested in behind-the-scene roles next season. 
Want to direct a play, but don’t have one? Contact the Artistic Director for ideas at or check out these websites:
To submit, fill out the attached form and email it to