The costumes of "Venus in Fur"

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With the opening night for Venus in Fur coming up soon, we're going to be checking in with some of the production team members.  First up is Mara Haasnoot, the costumer.


Mara's first appearance with KWLT was in Hamlet in 2014; more recently she's taken part in some of our series of staged readings.  She's also worked with director Ryan Bassett as a costumer for Synchro Theatre's production of Look Back in Anger.  She's shared some notes on costumes for Vanda Jordan (played by Selina Russell), the hopeful actor auditioning for the lead role of the play within the play.


"At the start of the show, Vanda wears a seductive black leather top, a studded collar, and a black leather skirt with lacing detail. Vanda must be able to change her costumes quickly onstage, so zippers and snaps were added to the items. The script calls for Vanda to wear a spiked dog collar, and that's exactly what we found- a real dog collar was cut down and fitted with snaps for the show."


"After her modern leather outfit, Vanda wears an ivory gown from the 1870's, decorated with handmade ribbon trim. In the play, Vanda brings historical costumes with her to the audition, and the director Ryan Bassett wanted them to look accurate to the period. To facilitate her quick changes, the dress and petticoat are sewn together as one piece with snaps at the back."