The 2018 Little Stars fundraiser

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For the last four years, KWLT has run an end-of-year fundraiser, where we've thanked donors with custom hand-made ornaments from local artists and artisans.  This year we've changed the formula a bit: instead of ornaments, our donors of $30 or more will receive a set of six greeting cards, designed and printed in small batches by local print artist Laura Perrin.


Here's how it works:

  • Donate online here!  Donations can also be made at the KWLT holiday social -- December 16th, 1-4pm at Patent Social.
  • The fundraising drive has been extended to run until December 31st -- make your donations by the end of the calendar year to get receipts for your 2018 taxes.
  • Donations of $30 or more qualify for a gift of six cards (envelopes included); these include one "KWLT card" custom-made for this campaign, together with five other cards designed by the artist.
  • You can choose whether your pack is holiday-themed or not.  Individual card packs may vary.
  • Cards can be picked up at the holiday social on December 16th, or else by arrangement with the Vice-President ( ).
  • All proceeds from this campaign will go towards upgrades to our show control systems.