Update on KWLT and COVID-19 Quarantine

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Dear members and friends of KWLT,

It’s now clear that we’re in for an unpredictably long period of social distancing and restrictions on public assembly, and this will have unavoidable effects on the little theatre’s operations. The KWLT board of directors met recently to discuss our next steps; here’s where we’re at right now.

The productions of Cock and The Last Resort have been postponed indefinitely, with neither one going on stage at their appointed times. The board of directors is fully committed to seeing these productions mounted on our stage in the future, and we’re working with their production teams and the rights-holders to ensure that this happens. On behalf of the board of directors I’d like to thank the Cock and The Last Resort teams for their tenacity and flexibility in these difficult times.

We’re still planning the 2020-21 season, with the understanding that any plans we make at this stage are tentative and subject to change as circumstances warrant. The board is formulating contingency plans for how next season might get rearranged to accommodate necessary changes. Stay tuned — we do intend to announce next season’s shows in the near-ish future.

Our rental operations are curtailed for the immediate future: while the current state of emergency in Ontario continues, KWLT will be abiding by provincial and regional guidelines on public assembly. Therefore there will be no public events occurring at our theatre until we see clear evidence that the COVID-19 outbreak has receded, nor will we allow private events involving more than five people in the space at a time.

We’re exploring options for our AGM, currently scheduled for July 6th.  These include running the meeting purely online, a hybrid in person / online setup, and postponement until after the state of emergency. We’ll keep the membership apprised on how we intend to proceed.

The building is mostly closed, with KWLT officers periodically stopping in to check on things and to perform their tasks. We have implemented sanitary protocols to minimize any chance of viral transmission within our space.

In the meantime, we’re brainstorming about opportunities for community participation in virtual theatre: online talents shows, stage-less readings, etc. If you’ve got ideas for things we can do to wile away the days of distance, let us know!

For now, KWLT urges all of its members to stay safe, follow public health guidelines as much as possible, and support artists and businesses within our community.  The little theatre will still be here when all of this eases — we came back after the fire, we came back after World War 2, and we’ll come back after this. The show will go on… eventually.