Calling all MAD (about theatre) PEOPLE!

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The KWLT Community is putting together our March Madness Committee. What is March Madness? It is a weeklong theatre challenge that allows small teams of thespians to perform the same script on the same set while trying to make it their own! This is your opportunity to dive in and help shape one of the craziest and fantastic events of the KWLT season!

Dates of March Madness: March 6th – 14th*
*Committee will be meeting in the evening monthly, then weekly as needed leading up to March Madness

What we are looking for:

  1. Number of volunteers: 5 (Five)
  2. Folks interested in running our March Madness Event
  3. Tasks and Responsibilities of the Committee
    1. Developing a structure and procedures around the event to make it scalable and sustainable
    2. script selection
    3. picking an adjudicator
    4. defining the award levels, and selecting the appropriate prizes
    5. recruiting volunteers and participants
    6. promoting the event within KWLT
    7. promoting the event to Kitchener-Waterloo region
    8. event planning​
  4. Commitment – Monthly meetings leading up to February, then a more frequent meeting schedule up to March MADNESS!!!

Meetings will be led by the Artistic Director who will take your decisions and requests to the KWLT Board. This is a great opportunity for those considering whether the Artistic Director role is for them!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at AD@KWLT.ORG