A letter from the President - KWLT's roof and the shape of fundraising to come

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Dear Members,

I want to thank you for your many hours of volunteering and patronage.  KWLT is an amazing place because of our members.  This year you’re going to see an unusual number of fundraising efforts and I want to take a moment to talk to you about why.

The roof over our theatre space began to leak this fall.  Temporary repairs are in place, and we’ve called in professionals to patch it; that will get us through the winter.  However, the consultation and quote process brought to light an urgent issue.  Optimistically, our roof has 1-2 years of life left in it, and the cost to replace it is significant.

Please think of us if your company does corporate donation matching or giving in response to volunteer hours, and during any of our many fundraising drives to come.  We need your help!

Thank you.


Stacey Saunders
KWLT President