Lost & Found Theatre presents The Genesius Project

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Lost&Found Theatre is always looking for another way to emphasize the & in our name. Education Director Alan K. Sapp has proposed a great new collaborative initiative: The Genesius Project.

The Genesius Project aims to present a performance opportunity for a combination of professional, amateur and university actors, with an emphasis on sharing our experience and knowledge with each other during the creation process.

See the attached media release for more information!

Upcoming Workshops

“Acting from the Feet Up”

Saturday, December 16 10am – 5pm.
Location: K-W Musical Productions Rehearsal Hall – 14 Shaftsbury Drive, Kitchener
Cost: $100
Registration Limited! Only 16 spots.

This workshop flips the traditional ways of working with text on its head, allowing you to reconnect with your natural instincts through a variety of movement-focused acting techniques.

You will gain new insight into your creative process and leave with a solid understanding of how to apply the new approaches to text.

Instructors: Brad Cook and Alan K. Sapp

“Finding Your Conduit”

Saturday, April 18, 2015 10am-5pm
Location: Guelph Little Theatre Rehearsal Hall – 176 Morris Street, Guelph
Cost: $100
Registration Limited! Only 16 spots.

Using Leslie O’Dell’s ground breaking training approach, found in her book “The Charismatic Chameleon”, participants will explore exercises designed to help them discover their “creative conduits”.

Members of Lost & Found Theatre were participants in the days when Leslie was researching her book, and know first hand how finding your conduit can be a very helpful and freeing part of your acting approach.

Instructors: Anne-Marie Donovan and Alan K. Sapp

Contact Information: Alan K. Sapp