Fundraising Update

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Hello members and friends of KWLT!

Last month we told you about our troubles with the roof over the back of the theatre, and announced  the Christmas Stars programme as the first of a series of planned fundraisers.  I am writing now to bring you up to date on recent developments and tell you about our next steps.

Firstly, we've gotten the roof patched.  This is still only temporary -- there are some structural issues that can only be fixed by a full re-roofing of the back of the building -- but it means that the leaks we've been experiencing won't be a problem any more.  Big thanks to Nedlaw Roofing in Breslau for doing the work, and scheduling us in quickly in what's been a difficult season.

This was paid for in large part by the proceeds from Christmas Stars.  I'm pleased to announce that we raised $2095 through the programme, slightly exceeding our goal for the drive; we're still working on the final accounting, but more than $1500 of the money raised went toward the roof.  (The remainder paid for the stars themselves, the work of our artist Jessica Murphy of Rawkette Custom Jewelry, and administration fees on the CanadaHelps website.)

So what now? We're still aiming for next summer to reroof the back of the theatre, and will be pursuing several avenues for raising funds.  Some of the initiatives that we have in mind include a fundraising banquet in March, a silent auction running alongside our production of Hamlet in April, and the return of the STARS programme.  We'll also be stepping up our efforts at finding sponsorships and other sources of external funding.

For those of you who've donated your time to us over the last year, thank you for everything that you've done; without volunteers like you we simply wouldn't exist.  Some companies offer grants or donations to charities that their employees volunteer their time for over the course of the year; if you work in the corporate world, please check with your employer to see if they can support us as well.

On behalf of the KWLT Board of Directors I wish all of you a happy new year!

Matt Walsh
Vice-President, KWLT