One week left: March Madness call for scripts

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The deadline for the March Madness call for scripts is only one week away!

March Madness is an annual theatrical competition hosted by the Kitchener-Waterloo Little Theatre (KWLT).  Production teams are giving a short script one night, audition their actors the next day, and then perform a week later.  It’s a night of theatrical mayhem, with one play seen through some very different artistic lenses.

The March Madness steering committee is looking for the script that makes it all happen this year.  All playwrights and would-be playwrights are invited to submit scripts for consideration. 

Our requirements:

  • A run time of about 10 minutes.
  • 3-5 roles; gender neutrality is preferred, but balanced numbers of male and female parts is acceptable.
  • A relatively generic setting in both time and place, to allow our directors maximum scope for their visions. Stage directions should be minimal, and we ask that some latitude be provided for different interpretations.

We are offering an honorarium of $50 for performance rights to the author of the selected script, along with possibly embarrassing amounts of public recognition.

Please direct inquiries and submissions to Colleen Matthews,  Submissions received by January 26th, 2015 will receive full consideration.