Who's Crazy Now? opens tonight!

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Tonight is opening night for the premiere of a fast and fun comedy by local author Rob Card that will keep you laughing on the edge of your seat while you watch a group of supervillains attempt to find the secret agent among them.

Get your tickets soon, since 3 nights are already sold out and most other nights are selling briskly. For tickets, please see http://whoscrazynow.bpt.me  or email boxoffice@kwlt.org. (Photo credit: Josh Hoey)

Murder. Intrigue. Body swapping. Tight leather onesies. What else would you expect when a group of supervillains attends a retreat in the middle of nowhere? After one of their number is murdered, this cast of zany characters discovers that their ranks have been infiltrated by a secret agent aiming to kill them off one by one. Who is the secret agent? Who is next on their list? And, more importantly, where is the breakfast menu?

“I knew writing this that it was going to be something completely different and fun, but now that I have a great cast and I see what is going to happen, even I am blown away and laughing so hard already,” says writer/director Rob Card, “This show is a great off-the-wall comedy with crazy characters and a ton of twists and turns. It’s going to be so much fun to see, so don’t miss out!”

We leave you with this dramatically lit standoff; join us tonight to discover who walks away from it.

Two characters standoff in KWLT's Who's Crazy Now?