Call for respondents for article series: "If I Knew Then..."‏

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I'm curating a series of articles for KWLT on the theme of "lessons learned". I'm targeting this at least initially at KWLT directors, but I'm willing to open things up to tech directors, stage managers, producers, other crew, and actors if there's enough input to keep the series going along those avenues.

The basic premise is, pick a show you've done, and look at an aspect that taught you something in the process. How did you handle things or make decisions in that first instance, and in the course of learning the lesson(s) you did, what would you do differently were you to do the show again? Or, how have you applied said lesson(s) to other shows since then?

I'm asking all participating directors (and others as will) to please follow the questions below in submitting feedback for development. These will be appearing on KWLT's website and social media channels over the coming weeks as input permits.

Thanks for your time!

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Karen Grierson

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How long you've been directing for KWLT:
Show(s) you've directed:

Because most of us are largely self-taught as volunteer theatre people, we've predominantly "learned by doing", and making haphazard attempts to share what we know or learn with others in our community from time to time. Some of us have learned by making mistakes, often we learn simply by doing different things from one show to the next.

Looking back over the shows you've directed, if you could pick one show and remount it, applying the lessons you've learned (the things you wished you'd known then), what show would that be?

What aspect of that show do you most wish you could do differently? How did you handle it in that show?

How would you do things differently (or how have you done things differently), and why?

How would making this change improve things for a current cast/crew/audience experience?

Do you feel this lesson is something that might be (reasonably) useful to most directors/shows at KWLT?

Based on this lesson, is there any other advice you would offer to novice directors, or those thinking about directing for KWLT?