25 Days of Scrooge!

Season's Greetings Theatre Lovers!

Whether you adore the holiday season, or can't wish it away fast enough, you'll appreciate the humour of our next production Scrooge Macbeth. This show combines everything Christmas and everything Shakespeare into one hilarious adventure. To celebrate, we're kicking off the show with our very own advent-ure calendar starting November 5. Check back each day as we release a new item just for you: information about the cast, behind the scenes footage, special discounts, and more!

Each day, one of these photos becomes a link to somewhere. Click away to start exploring!


We help you understand Shakespeare ... sort of.     The Four Main Characters Appear    Caption This Photo!    Three stagehands and a stage manager appear!   Madlibs Time!   

Sylvia explains the community theatre's decision of A Winter's Tale.    Get the Reference: The Tempest    Our Real Stage Management Team!   Victor's Blog    Caption Photo!

Renee takes to the camera!    To Be or Not To Be Explained!    Video from character Bob   More Crew!   Get the Reference: Romeo and Juliet

Stage Manager Video    Video of Kate    Dress Photo    Director Carolyn Headshot   Wes the Stagehand appears!

Music Director & Choreographer    Don't forget our little stars campaign!    Stagehand Ryan    Some photos from another Scrooge Macbeth   Holiday Party Announcement

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