Opening Soon: Popcorn Plays!

Popcorn Plays: Short Play Series at Kitchener Waterloo Little Theatre July 14,15,16,21,22,23

Opening this week at ​Kitchener Waterloo Little Theatre is​ Popcorn Plays​!​

​This is a fantastic ​series of ​eleven​ ​10-minute plays all in one night.​

Why do we love 10-minute plays?  Well, for one thing, they're short! They pack the story, the emotion, and the energy all into quick, dense performances that are guaranteed to make you laugh, think, cry, and question - and hey, even if you even if you don't like the one you're watching, there'll be a whole new play along any minute. 


President's Award Nominees

KWLT is built on the strength and dedication of our membership.  In order to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions our members make to our community, last year we introduced the KWLT President's Award.

Nominations are open.  We are looking for you to tell us who you believe is an unsung hero in our membership and should be recognized for their overall contribution to KWLT.

It’s not just the shows that keep our theatre going, it’s the contribution that happens every day behind the scenes.