Culture Shock Contest

The main characters in Hunting Cockroaches are immigrants from late Communist Poland to early Reaganite New York City.  Their sense of displacement -- the gulf between the life they know and the one they're living -- fuels both the humour and the pathos of the play.

We're asking the members of our community to share their own stories of displacement.  What's the further from "home" (however construed) that you've ever lived?  How did you prepare yourself, and what did you find that you weren't prepared for?  How did your expectations lead you astray?

Popcorn Plays 2016 Call for Participants

Have you ever been interested in theatre but too overwhelmed by the idea of directing or stage managing a play? Or too scared to step out into the limelight? Or maybe you just aren’t sure where you’d fit in?

Now’s your chance! KWLT is offering a FREE workshop where you can have a taste of what it’s like and end with being a part of a Popcorn Play production! Popcorn Plays is a KWLT tradition where we put together a show using a number of 10 min plays.

What this FREE workshop offers: