Meet your adjudicator

The March Madness Committee and KWLT are incredibly happy to have Janelle Mifflin Starkey as the adjudicator for this year's March Madness. 

"We're very pleased to have Janelle as the adjudicator for this year. She's a respected experienced director with a long familiarity to the KWLT community" said Mel Card on behalf of the March Madness Committee. 

It's almost here!

In just two nights' time, it will be March Madness! Come join us on March 14 at 7pm for this new play, and stay for a public adjudication by our own Janelle Mifflin-Starkey.

When four acquaintances meet at some location at some time, what could possibly happen?

Come see four interpretations of Kevin Magri's Four Acquaintances on Saturday and vote on your favourite. Which director will take home the March Madness 2015 trophy?


They Came From Away‏

First time touring in Southern Ontario!

When all air traffic was ordered to land on 9/11, the small town of Gander Newfoundland absorbed and embraced over 6500 stranded passengers. Join four of these 'plane people' as they reunite and reflect on that week long international slumber/kitchen party.

Reminder for [title of show] auditions!

The audition days for [title of show] are coming up fast! Monday through Wednesday next week from 7 to 10 PM you have your chance to audition for [title of show]!

There are four roles available (two male, two female). All cast members must be 18 as of the readthrough (Sunday, March 22, 2015)

You may be asked to attend a callback audition on Friday, March 20th.

For more details on the audition requirements please click here to view the event page.