About VSWR

VS logo.jpgThis Friday's performance of The December Man (l'homme de décembre) at KWLT takes place on the 30th anniversary of the shooting at l'École Polytechnique de Montréal: the event that precipitates the action in the play. In recognition of this anniversary, our December 6th show is a benefit performance, with all proceeds from the box office going to Victim Services of Waterloo Region. We sat down with Bruce Moffat, the Executive Director of VSWR, to talk about what they do.

The WODL adjudication FAQ

Saturday, November 30th is adjudication night for KWLT's production of The December Man (l'homme de décembre). If you're new to KWLT, that sentence might raise several questions: what's a WODL?  What's adjudication? Let's talk about those.

What is adjudication?

A play adjudication is a structured critique of the play. The adjudicator who delivers it is generally an expert: someone who has worked in multiple aspects of theatre for a while, and hence has some standing to ground their critiques.

Echoes: The December Man and public acts of violence

Who are the victims of an act of violence? This seems like an easy question to answer — whoever was directly hurt by the violent act — but in The December Man (L'homme de décembre) the author Colleen Murphy argues that in cases of public violence (such as mass shootings) the answer isn't so clear-cut. The impact of such actions is felt well beyond the acts themselves, rippling out from the immediate victims to family members, witnesses, and ultimately an entire society. (Hence the spiderweb in our publicity imagery: breaking a single strand can be felt throughout the web.)

Canadian Intimacy for Stage & Screen Full Day Workshop - Sat. Dec. 14th

Learn specific techniques for rehearsing and performing scenes of intimacy in a dramatic context. This work applies to a wide range of scenes including kissing, sexuality, flirting, familial bonds (for example, embraces between parent and child), connection between dear friends, scenes of sexual violence, and more.