Who's Crazy Now? opens tonight!

Two characters standoff in KWLT's Who's Crazy Now?

Tonight is opening night for the premiere of a fast and fun comedy by local author Rob Card that will keep you laughing on the edge of your seat while you watch a group of supervillains attempt to find the secret agent among them.

Get your tickets soon, since 3 nights are already sold out and most other nights are selling briskly. For tickets, please see http://whoscrazynow.bpt.me  or email boxoffice@kwlt.org. (Photo credit: Josh Hoey)


One week left: March Madness call for scripts

The deadline for the March Madness call for scripts is only one week away!

March Madness is an annual theatrical competition hosted by the Kitchener-Waterloo Little Theatre (KWLT).  Production teams are giving a short script one night, audition their actors the next day, and then perform a week later.  It’s a night of theatrical mayhem, with one play seen through some very different artistic lenses.

The March Madness steering committee is looking for the script that makes it all happen this year.  All playwrights and would-be playwrights are invited to submit scripts for consideration. 


It's time to play the music... It's time to light the lights...

In one week, Who's Crazy Now?, the hilarious new comedy from Rob Card opens, and we want you to be there. In fact, we'd like it so much that we're hosting a party! 

Join us on opening night, and partake in treats, vie for the door prize, and laugh yourself silly at the antics of the funniest supervillains around.  Buy your tickets today!

If you'd like a sneak peak of one of the baddest, most gun-happy villains around, keep reading....


Auditions: Hamlet

Written by Shakespeare
Directed by Jim Hill

NOTE: Location address updated to the CEI studio space, rather than their admin office.

Suicide, incest, murder, guilt, grief, mortality and unrequited love; Hamlet is poem unlimited. Neither constrained by time nor the tropes of tragedy, Hamlet has evolved into secular scripture, and in it can be found all these things and more. Need it be constrained as well by gender roles? Women have played the title role before, but never have they played Hamlet as a young woman. What if Ophelia were male? Polonius an old woman? Gertrude a fickle man, and Claudius a scheming adulterous female? Would we feel differently about the characters? Would it change our preconceptions? In this production you will see and experience a familiar story in a brand new light. It’s Hamlet, reversed.


Fundraising Update

Hello members and friends of KWLT!

Last month we told you about our troubles with the roof over the back of the theatre, and announced  the Christmas Stars programme as the first of a series of planned fundraisers.  I am writing now to bring you up to date on recent developments and tell you about our next steps.