Lost & Found Theatre presents The Genesius Project

Lost&Found Theatre is always looking for another way to emphasize the & in our name. Education Director Alan K. Sapp has proposed a great new collaborative initiative: The Genesius Project.

The Genesius Project aims to present a performance opportunity for a combination of professional, amateur and university actors, with an emphasis on sharing our experience and knowledge with each other during the creation process.

See the attached media release for more information!


Calling all MAD (about theatre) PEOPLE!

The KWLT Community is putting together our March Madness Committee. What is March Madness? It is a weeklong theatre challenge that allows small teams of thespians to perform the same script on the same set while trying to make it their own! This is your opportunity to dive in and help shape one of the craziest and fantastic events of the KWLT season!

Dates of March Madness: March 6th – 14th*
*Committee will be meeting in the evening monthly, then weekly as needed leading up to March Madness

What we are looking for: