The semiotics of the "Sister Cities" set

The set of a play is more than just the background for the action.  In a black-box space like ours with no curtain, it's the first thing that an audience member knows about the play; it sets the tone and can lay down thematic foundations for the production.  Let's take a deep dive into what the Sister Cities set is telling us.  (SPOILERS ahead on a significant plot point.)



Proposals for 2019-20 season are open

KWLT is now looking for proposals for full length plays for the 2019-2020 season!  Fill out the proposal form (attached) with as much information as you can and email it to Colleen Daley, KWLT Artistic Director.  Please note that it is your responsibility to supply a copy of your proposed script, if you do not have it in PDF please make arrangements to get one to the Artistic Director.  Proposals will be accepted until Monday December 10th.