Shaking it like Shakespeare (Dance Workshop)

Presenter: Caroline McLachlan Darling
When: May the 4th 7pm- 10pm

How did Shakespeare and his contemporaries move and groove?

The dances taught in this workshop come from dance manuals written in the 15th and 16th centuries. These dances were ones that would not only have been performed on stage, or at court, but the country dances that Shakespeare often alluded to would have been recognizable by the population as traditional dances they had grown up learning.  These dances created the foundation from which all of our modern dance styles emerge from Ballet, to Ballroom, Country, to Ceili.  No experience needed.

Cost of the workshop is $10: To register, email Colleen to get your name on the list (first come first served). Bring your cash to the workshop.

Bio: Caroline McLachlan Darling has been teaching Medieval and Renaissance dance for over 15 years, she has taught through Canada and the US, and also in almost every state/territory in Australia.   One of the best things Caroline loves most about Medieval and Renaissance dance is the verity, some dances are very simple so that with minimal watching the country children could join in and others focus on great finesse which allow the nobility to show of their outfits and skill.  Also dancing was one of the few occurrences where dancers could chat without being overheard by nosy chaperones.  Yay Dancing! 



Event Date(s): 

Monday, May 4, 2015 - 19:00 to 22:00