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Written by George F. Walker as part of the Suburban Motel sequence.

Directed by Leonard Mario Zgrablic.

Auditions: July 15-17, 2019 at KWLT

Performances: September 26-28, October 3-5, & 10-12.

The reformed drug addict and her ex-con husband. The self-righteous social worker. The non-violent father and son crime duo. The kind-hearted ballbuster. The rebellious, spiteful daughter of a domineering father. And the drunken motel manager. What do they have in common? Are they the scum of the earth? The stupid? The unfortunate? The sad? The poor? How will you judge them?




  • Nike Abbott: Shirley, Criminal Genius
  • Peter Aitchison: RJ, Problem Child
  • Tim Finnigan: Rolly, Criminal Genius
  • Brian Fox: Phillie, Problem Child & Criminal Genius
  • Karly Kloc: Denise, Problem Child
  • Stephanie Kraus: Amanda, Criminal Genius
  • Nicole Lemieux: Helen, Problem Child
  • Shawn Vincent: Stevie, Criminal Genius

Production team:

  • Director: Leonard Mario Zgrablic
  • Stage Manager: Heather Stonehouse
  • Assistant Stage Managers: Min Ling (Criminal Genius), Matt Mustin (Problem Child)
  • Technical Director: Matt Walsh
  • Costumer: Esther Aitchison
  • Properties: Alex Schmidt
  • Producer: Chris Lolas
  • Assistant Producer: Nicole Lemieux

Written by Colleen Murphy.
Directed by Diana Lobb.
Auditions: September 3-5 at KWLT.
Performances: November 21-23, 28-30 and December 5-7.

The roots of personal devastation are sowed in a public tragedy as an ordinary family is thrown into crisis by a terrible act of public violence that their son escaped... or thought he did. Moving backwards in time to explore the aftermath of the 1989 Montreal Massacre, Jean’s parents, Benoît and Kathleen, try to help their only son cope with the unthinkable.

Written by Hannah Moscovitch

Directed by Ryan Bassett

Auditions: November 11-13, 2019

Performances: January 30-February 1, February 6-8 & 13-15, 2020.

It’s 1970. Rudi stands outside his father’s study in Paraguay for the first time in seven years. After a long absence, he’s been compelled to return to his family’s home. But Paraguay isn’t his home: he was born in a small hospital in Berlin in 1945, just as his father was losing the war.
“East of Berlin” is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French Inc.

Written by Mike Bartlett

Directed by Carolyn Galvin

Auditions: January 20-22, 2020

Performances: April 23-25, April 30-May 2, May 7-9 2020

When John, a gay man living with his partner of many years, falls in love with a woman, his entire identity and sense of self is thrown into question. With neither lover willing to give him up, he finds himself in the middle of their fight and facing an impossible choice. Cock is a tense examination of characters backed into corners and fighting their way out.

Written by Norm Foster
Music by Leslie Arden
Directed by Elizabeth Munz

Auditions: March 23-25, 2020
Performances: June 11-13, 18-20, & 25-27, 2020

A big city restaurant owner running from the mob arrives in the last place on earth he thinks they’ll find him – a hotel in rural Saskatchewan. But someone there wants him dead. Is it one or both of the identical twin sisters? The couple on their second honeymoon? The crazy hotel proprietress? The flirtatious poet?  The agent assigned to protect him? Or the mysterious piano player that hardly says a word? Can you figure out whodunit?

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