lion in the streets

Adjudication Night

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On Saturday, January 28th the Lion in the Streets cast and crew had the honour of having a noted playwright and dramatist come see the show and then tell them what she thought of it... at some length.  Welcome to adjudication night.

Announcing Auditions for Lion in the Streets

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This is a darker, more dramatic piece of theatre that will challenge actors and audience alike. It is also our 2017 WODL entrant, so we are looking for a group of passionate and dedicated actors to bring this piece to life. Lion in the Streets follows nine-year-old Portuguese immigrant Isobel as her ghost searches for the individual who killed her. With an inside look into the dark, emotional, and private lives of strangers, Isobel encounters people who are trapped, threatened, and fighting for their own survival. Will Isobel choose revenge or forgiveness?


Lion in the Streets

"Lion in the Streets" is a nightmare of surrealistic images following a young girl Isobel.  She is trying to tackle the miseries of the world and figure out her own life.  This discovery gives her the passion and determination to move forward.

Shows: Janurary 26 - February 11, 2017