Production team openings for 2019-20

2019-20 season icons

Our productions for the 2019-2020 season are looking to fill their tech teams! Here are the positions we know are open right now — please contact   if you are interested in any of them. If you are interested in a show or a role that is not listed, please reach out and we will connect you with the directors.

About VSWR

VS logo.jpgThis Friday's performance of The December Man (l'homme de décembre) at KWLT takes place on the 30th anniversary of the shooting at l'École Polytechnique de Montréal: the event that precipitates the action in the play. In recognition of this anniversary, our December 6th show is a benefit performance, with all proceeds from the box office going to Victim Services of Waterloo Region. We sat down with Bruce Moffat, the Executive Director of VSWR, to talk about what they do.

The WODL adjudication FAQ

Saturday, November 30th is adjudication night for KWLT's production of The December Man (l'homme de décembre). If you're new to KWLT, that sentence might raise several questions: what's a WODL?  What's adjudication? Let's talk about those.

What is adjudication?

A play adjudication is a structured critique of the play. The adjudicator who delivers it is generally an expert: someone who has worked in multiple aspects of theatre for a while, and hence has some standing to ground their critiques.