Black Box Backdrop

An occasional blog by the president of the KWLT Board of Directors, updating us on what’s happening at the organizational level.

BBBD: The joys of tablework

Firebringer is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to do some tablework with a cast that wasn’t mine, so of course I was going to jump at the chance

Start the anniversary clock!

Next year the theatre turns 90 — let’s talk about how we’ll be celebrating that milestone.

Black Box Backdrop: In with the new

Hello! I’m Adrienne Dandy, and I’m honoured to be the president of the KWLT Board of Directors this year. KWLT is gearing up for our 2023/24 season and I’m very excited to have the chance to lead the Board as we tackle the year ahead. The Board had its first meeting on August 3rd and elected several people to new roles.  […]

2023 Annual General Meeting Review

Thanks to everybody who attended our 2023 Annual General Meeting and helped to make it a success. I wanted to share out a few announcements following the meeting: New Board Members New AGM, new board! I would like to warmly welcome our new board members: They will be joining myself, Rami Finkelshtein, Fred Brandenburg, Nadia Ursacki, Adrienne Dandy, Michael L. […]

September Board Meeting Summary & Committees

We’re 3 months into the new board year and our new committees are starting to get into the swing of things! We have restructured our board meeting agendas to be focused on the committees and their needs, and the first meeting with this new structure was a success. Here are some of the key decisions we made at our September […]

Committees & Slack

In this edition Black Box Backdrop, I have a few things to cover: A bylaw amendment Strategic goals identified by the board How you can get more involved Bylaw Amendment Section 11 of our bylaws outlines the roles on the Board of Directors. In particular, it specifies which officer roles need to be appointed and need to be filled by […]

2022-2023 Vision

It’s no secret that this past year has been tough on the board. In May, as I started reaching out to current board members about whether or not they planned to continue on the board, I had a minor panic attack as I realized that, as of the AGM, it was just going to be me. Literally. Everyone else was […]

February Board Meeting Recap

We decided that our AGM will be on Tuesday, June 28th – save the date! We had a lengthy discussion on how to handle memberships extended through the pandemic now that we are about to enter our first season back. We will have an official announcement of the decision and what it means for your membership expiry next month! We […]

January Board Meeting Recap

We approved a revised version of our Privacy Policy, which is more up-to-date with current practices and technology We decided we would possibly defer Ali & Ali to the start of next season (pending the Artistic Director and Artistic Steering Committee’s approval) instead of trying to find a time for it before September. A possible alternative that we considered was […]

COVID Impacts to Performance Dates

Are you potentially interested in directing a show with us but are unsure about how COVID may affect the season and proposal? In this post, I’m going to aim to clarify how the board is currently making decisions so that you can understand how you may be impacted as a director. As always, we have the dates for our productions […]

Communications Challenges

I’m sorry to announce the resignation of our newest board member, Rachel. Rachel did some great work in getting our Communications Team up to speed and operating well, so the absence of a Communications Director for now is more easily mitigated. Rachel brought us some great ideas and great expertise; unfortunately, the demands of the role were too much, and […]

October Board Meeting Summary

At our board meeting this month, we made a number of key decisions that will shape our policies and approach as we (hopefully) begin to transition into a post-pandemic world. We appointed Rachel Bolton to the Board into the role of Communications Director, replacing Matt Walsh (who will still serve as Rentals Manager and Past President, and remains on the […]

Re-Opening Considerations

Get excited: we’re starting to think about re-opening. In this brief update, I discuss a re-opening event, cleaning up the theatre to be presentable to the public, and vaccine requirements. We want our re-opening to be exciting and safe for both our volunteers and our audiences. One thing I’ve started working on is putting together a committee to plan some […]

September Board Meeting Summary

Our September board meeting was pretty average. We were happy to welcome a few guests to join our discussions; if you are interested in joining us for a future meeting, please reach out to our secretary, Monica! We meet on the 4th Monday of every month. Our Webmaster, Chris, discussed introducing mandatory 2-factor authentication for KWLT email accounts who are […]

New Communications Director

I have some very exciting news to share with you all today – at our September 27th board meeting, we have a motion on the agenda to appoint a new board member into our Communications role! Rachel Bolton is new to our community, so I wanted to give everybody a brief introduction and give you a chance to send along […]

Black Box Backdrop: Double the Meetings, Double the Fun

Well, we had our August board meeting and boy was it a doozy! We ended up splitting the meeting into two parts over two days so that we had time to discuss everything. Here’s what happened: We appointed a slate of non-board officers! You can see the full list on the Board & Officers page on the website. We decided […]

Black Box Backdrop: Some projects for this year

This week, I’m going to talk about a number of outstanding projects that I’m thinking about for the theatre, but don’t yet have owners. Some of these are topics that came up in the previous board year that didn’t go anywhere, or questions/decisions that were deferred to a future date.

Black Box Backdrop #1

Hello and welcome to the first edition of the Black Box Backdrop! In this biweekly column, I will be talking about all the work happening in the background that supports our excellent events – notes from board meetings, committees, etc. Board Meeting Highlights: July 5th Here are the highlights of what happened at our first board meeting: We appointed each […]