Our organizing committees

This year the Board of Directors has established several committees to handle both strategic projects and operational tasks on an ongoing basis. These committees are open to all KWLT members. If you’re interested in joining one (or more) of these working groups, the easiest way to connect is to join the KWLT Slack (see below) and connecting with the relevant channel. The current lineup includes:

Documentation Committee

Developing and organizing our documentation

Artistic Steering Committee

Creating a vision for our artistic season (this year and moving forward), soliciting and selecting play submissions for next season

Communications Committee

Managing the theatre’s various communications channels, including the newsletter, the website, and our social media

Show Support Committee

Ensuring our productions and events are successful by providing institutional support to our production teams and event coordinators

Building Committee

Dealing with regular maintenance to our premises and planning for future changes and equipment

Fundraising Committee

Finding and growing alternative revenue streams to supplement our standard business income

Social Committee

Organizing social events for the community

New Works Subcommittee

Organizing meetings and events that support the development of new works within the KWLT community — reports to the Artistic Steering Committee

Join the KWLT Slack

Slack is a tool for collaboration and discussion, and it’s how our various committees are coordinating themselves. We encourage all of our volunteers to join the Slack: follow this invite link to get started. (If that link has expired, please let us know so that we can replace it.)