Audition Information

Auditions for KWLT shows are open to the public: in general, everyone is welcome to try out for a part in one of our shows. (Note that some shows may have additional requirements, including restrictions on age, gender, etc. of actors.) Non-members who are cast in a KWLT show are expected to purchase a membership; low-cost “production memberships”, which extend through the end of the production’s run, are available for such people.

When auditioning in person, auditions are held either at our theatre (9 Princess Street East in Waterloo) or our rehearsal space (44 Gaukel Street in Kitchener). The specific requirements of a show’s auditions are determined by the production team, but typically consist of:

  • Reading/performing a monologue, and taking direction on your performance.
  • Cold reading an excerpt from the script.
  • For musical productions, singing a prepared song and learning some simple choreography.